Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taco Bell and Karma

The other night I had a pretty fun experience that has reminded me that karma is real and that it truly pays off to be nice and help other people.

At about 2 am I felt the need to get my fourth meal on at good old Taco Bell. Before you judge me for that, let's be honest, what's better than a double-decker taco with lava sauce and a baja blast mnt. dew after a long night of partying? Right, nothing.

So as I was saying, I went to Taco Bell with my friend and as we pulled up there were 2 kids sitting on the grass by the drive-thru who immediately jumped up when they saw us approach. I was a little wary at first of having drunk people approach my car at such a late hour, but I soon discovered that all the guys wanted was some Taco Bell and without a car that would be impossible for them. I hesitated at first, but as I thought about the situation I realized I couldn't deny them Taco Bell. First, I shouldn't punish these guys for being responsible and smart enough to walk rather than drive to Taco Bell in their drunken state. Second, I understood their desperate need for Taco Bell and I just wouldn't have felt good about myself if I were the jerk to deny them that blessing.

So I ordered food for the 4 of us which came to almost $20, one of the guys handed me a $20 bill and I told them we'd figure out money at the other end of the drive-thru. Once we got our food we divided it into bags and I handed them their change, but they wouldn't take the money. They said it was payment for helping them receive the blessing of fourth meal. I awkwardly bowed in gratitude and we parted our separate ways, never to meet again.

Deciding to have fourth meal that night may have been the best decision I had made in months, not only did I get Taco Bell, but I got it for free. Why? Because I was nice enough to help a couple strangers out and because karma is real.

Simply put, karma is a theory of how actions bring about (cause) consequences (effect). Karma is not a negative idea, but for some reason it has developed into a negative idea which is evidenced by the common saying that "karma is a bitch." This saying is more than just a little deceiving since karma can bring us good as well as bad consequences. If we wanted to accurately describe karma then the saying should be that "karma is a bitch if you are an jerk" or "karma is a saint if you are a gentleman."

My experience at Taco Bell is just one example of many experiences in my life where karma was kind to me as a result of my decision to be kind. On the flip side I have many experiences where karma wasn't kind to me as a result of my decision to be a jerk. Sometimes we don't see the effects of karma right away (usually because we don't see the connection between the two events) but I stand as a witness that karma is real and by being a gentleman/woman and by doing good to others we will be blessed by karma and our lives will be filled with joyness and happiness. I promise.

So next time someone says that "karma is a bitch" remind them that they should stop being a jerk.


Lauren Hong said...

love it. karma is real

Paula Lewis said...

Wasp dudes! Amazing stuff continues the good work. Survival Brett

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