Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A True Christmas Miracle

I finished my last final yesterday and I am still in shock.

I cannot believe that I was able to get thru a whole semester of law school and remain both sane and alive. I would dare say that it was a real life Christmas miracle that my first semester of law school wasn't for to be to make me dead. I have no idea how it went, but I honestly don't even care. I am just relieved to have the first semester over and done with.

And now I'm just ready to celebrate the holidays, enjoy some good company, and laugh a lot!
So to begin, here is a little something that makes me laugh. 


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paint me a rainbow

I have now completed two of my four law school finals and have the third tomorrow at 1:30, but in between studying, wasting time, and procrastinating I decided I need a little rest and relaxation so I returned to one of my most therapeutic hobbies.


This is what I completed. It's not exactly what I wanted/intended (the colors aren't quite right), but I like the idea and plan on painting another one similar to this.

My painting excursion this past weekend reminded me just how much I love to paint, it really helps me relax and keep my mind clean and clear. It made for a surprisingly relaxing week.

It also helps that I was listening to the likes of this.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Politically Correct Song of the Week: episode 3

Hey everyone, so apparently the cat theme was offensive to some of our viewers, so we are going non-discriminatory from now on and just calling it the politically correct song of the week. Boring, I know, but until I have a moment of cleverness it will have to remain politically correct.

This weeks song is called "Kettering" and comes to our ears from a band named the Antlers. They hail from the United States of America and enjoy eating and play-dough. The music video is really weird, but the music itself is fantastic.

Also, be on the look out for some big changes coming to the world of music and blogging over the next few weeks, I smell something fresh coming our way.

With that said, stay classy and remember peace and love.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Less than common sense?

Law school is cool. From 12-1 each day there are no classes held on campus. It's for something religious I think, I'm not exactly sure what tho. Anyway, I have learned to love this time because different student organizations in the law school hold little seminars and bring in speakers. But most importantly they almost always provide food and good food at that (if I'm lucky they'll have Chipotle). I went to a meeting a week or two ago that was titled something like "Morals, Faith, and Law." Being the very religious Mormon that I am, I decided it might be worth my while.

It was a fairly interesting meeting, there were 5 people of different faiths and backgrounds who just talked a little about how their religious beliefs and their careers interacted and how they reconciled the two. To be honest, I didn't learn that much. They talked about priorities, ethics, and the benefits of those in the work place. I specifically remember a couple of the panelists saying that it was important to treat everyone with respect, no matter how insignificant their position. They stated that it benefited you in the long run because you gained mutual respect and that you never know when that respect will help you out.

And I thought, duh. It all seemed like common sense to me, but then I realized that it might not be that common after all. In fact, it might be less than common sense.

While working as a server at Cafe Sabor, I realized that my job was easier and more enjoyable when I made an effort to make other people's jobs better. If I treated all my co-workers with respect they would treat me with respect as well. If I cared more about my busser and hostess than I did about myself, the easier and more enjoyable my job became. It might seem counter intunitive at first, but it is the truth. I tried to inform others about my new found understanding, but it seemed like the majority of people were only concerned with the amount of money they made. They didn't care about anyone else, they just wanted to make money. They only cared about themselves.

Don't get me wrong, this is no "I am holier than thou" type of a post cause I know that I am as just as likely as anyone to be self-centered and uncaring. This post is merely my way of trying to share what little I have learned in the hope that I can better understand myself and help someone else in the process. Because the truth is, I am happy when I forget myself and think about others. And that, I believe, is not a coincidence.

It is exactly what Christ taught us to do when he said "Follow me." Christ lived a life of true happiness. A life of worth. A life of meaning. If we want to do the same, we must follow His example and care about others more than ourselves. We must treat others as we would like to be treated. We must love one another.

These are things I have been taught since youth and on the surface they all seem simple. They all seem to be common sense. But I've come to realize that they are anything but simple or common. Being a good, caring, and loving person often goes against what the world considers "common sense." I guess that many of the things I consider common sense are a result of my upbringing. A result of the many great lessons my parents have taught me over the years. A result of the great examples I had to follow in my 5 amazing siblings. A result of some fun friends with great morals. A result of a life based on faith.

For that, I have much to be grateful for. So at this time of year, I would hope that everyone could come to gain some of what I call "common sense" and realize that forgetting yourselves and caring about others will actually benefit you. It will bring you happiness.

When we give to others, we receive more in return.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

CLSotW: episode 2

Hey again everyone. Welcome back to Cat Lover Song of the Week (CLSotW). I know y'all have been highly anticipating the second installment, so I'm sorry for the delay.

This weeks song is titled "Wax and Wire" by Loch Lomond. It is a new song from a new band that comes to us directly from the home of the domesticated cat. The Highlands of Scotland.

The video associated with this weeks song is not very exciting/cat related, so here is a fun fact: the Scottish were the first to realize the true potential of cats as not only a friend and potential ally to the human race, but as a help meet as well (e.g. vermin control, Schrodinger's cat, Kitten Mittens, etc.). I also found this video to satisfy your feline needs.

With that said, don't eat cats and stay classy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hey everyone, welcome to the first weekly presentation of the highly anticipated 'Cat Lover Song of the Week' (or for lovers of acronyms CLSotW).

During this weekly presentation I intend on sharing music for cats, about cats, by cats, or with cats. Pretty much anything that the Thundercats would approve of.

Now, don't be alarmed if you're not a cat lover, you are still welcome here and this is music that even the average human should enjoy as well.

This week's song is titled "Outside" by the Trashcan Sinatras.

I don't know why, but it won't let me embed it, so just click on the link (I think embedding is disabled for copyright protection on all the sweet pictures of cats. The slide show is amazing!)

Seriously tho, at least listen to the song, it is an amazing instrumental song and don't expect any lyrics cause there are none.

Until next week, or the next time I am in a really weird mood, stay classy friends.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.

Speaking of Sammy Davis Jr. I think everyone needs to see "Everything is Illuminated." It is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time.

Here is a "very premium" clip from the movie. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Blessed Melting Pot

This may not be new to some of you, but I recently came across this thing called Nerdcore Hip-Hop. Some people call it racist. Others call it stupid. I call it America.

Think about it.

America is all about diversity. It's even called the "great melting pot." So what is greater evidence of this "melting pot" of diversity, than an extremely white man dropping uniquely nerdy/technical lyrics to a sick beat? Personally, I can't think of anything that's better evidence of "the melting pot" in America since Sammy Davis Jr. became a Jew.

Seriously tho, the diversity of America is one of the things that make it a great place to live. I think that the fact that so many different types of peoples and cultures live "under one roof" gives us a distinct advantage in the world. America isn't perfect, but there sure are a lot of sweet ideas and people that come out of America and I believe it is a direct result of the diversity that defines our nation.

With that said, check yourself out some Nerdcore Hip-Hop in the form of MC Frontalot.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Journey of Laugh

I like to laugh. In fact, I would say that I need to laugh. You might ask "You need to laugh? Really? Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration, Brett?" No. No it is not an "exaggeration," it is the truth.

This past weekend, I had a few of my besties with testies come out to visit me and I realized just how much I have missed laughing all the time. Of late I have been so focused on school and being successful in my studies that I have forgotten to laugh. This has made me a much too serious and unfun (or nunfun) and as a result I haven't been fully enjoying my life. I need laughter and a little immaturity to get me through my days, to help me remember that all these "important things" that "stress me out" aren't really all that important. Laughter makes me happy and it makes life bearable. I exhort you all to enter on your personal journey of laugh. Laugh more, enjoy your life more, and remember that you can be happy more...

In order to help us all in our journey of laugh, I want to share a few things that made me laugh this past weekend, courtesy of mostly Jo, but also mostly Nate, Eric, and Rhodes.

So here's to laughing more.

Start this one at 1:50.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love technology, but not as much as you, you see, but I still love technology. Always and forever.

So this commercial for Windows phone 7 fits well with what I believe to be one of our society's many problems. That is, we miss some of the most important things in life because we are preoccupied or distracted by technology. Don't get me wrong technology is a great thing and it should have a place in our lives, to not use it to some degree would make us ungrateful, disadvantaged, and just plain dumb. On the other hand, to rely only upon technology and allow it to consume our lives makes us equally ungrateful, disadvantaged, and dumb.

Personally, I don't know what I would do without technology, I mean, I wouldn't be able to write this amazing blog without it. I know that there have been times in which I have let technology dictate too much of my life, but I have also realized that technology cannot replace real life. It cannot duplicate the feelings associated with a conversation in person. It cannot fully capture or replicate the beauty of nature. It cannot replace the companionship of a friend or loved one. It cannot replace real life.

I believe that technology should play a role in our lives, it allows us to do so much more than our predecessors, but I think we need to be careful and recognize that it does not and cannot replace other aspects of our lives. Technology can be a blessing and a curse and we get to decide which role it plays in our lives.

With that said, this video is pretty friggin' funny cause it's true.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Calm down. No one is hating on anyone.

So this blog is a bit on the serious/religious side, but I've noticed a bit of an uproar over Elder Pakcer's talk from General Conference last weekend and I want to talk about it a bit. I thought I must have missed something that was really offensive to gays and lesbians when I listened to it last week, so I read it over. Twice. And this is what I gathered from it.

First and foremost, people need to remember that these aren't the words of the Church or of Elder Packer. They are the words of God (at least that is what we believe). With that said, Elder Packer is pretty strait forward in saying that "any persuasion to enter into any relationship that is not in harmony with the principles of the gospel must be wrong." And that "Some suppose that they were preset and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn temptations toward the impure and unnatural. Not so!" Essentially stating that that marriage between husband and wife is ordained of God because it furthers the Plan of God and that God will help us overcome anything in order to further His purpose. Which purpose is to bring about "the Immortality and the Eternal Life of man." He then states "that moral standards cannot be changed by battle and cannot be changed by ballot" and that "regardless of the opposition, we are determined to stay on course. We will hold to the principles and laws and ordinances of the gospel. If they are misunderstood either innocently or willfully, so be it. We cannot change; we will not change the moral standard. We quickly lose our way when we disobey the laws of God. If we do not protect and foster the family, civilization and our liberties must needs perish."

I can see how someone who is gay could find this somewhat offensive, but he in no way said anything that the Church and God do not love people who are gay. Because they most certainly do! He is merely stating that it is a sin (since it is contrary to God's Plan) and that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ they can overcome this temptation in their life. He doesn't say that some people can't be predisposed or have natural tendencies, but he does say that people cannot use a weakness as an excuse not to obey God. If you think that means the Church is taking a stance towards hating gays and lesbians, then the church must also hate those who drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, look at porn, watch rated-R movies, lie, drink mountain dew, have premarital sex, have rude thoughts, and cuss just to name a few. Essentially, if the Church doesn't like gay people then it doesn't like anyone who isn't perfect. And that is just not true. Really, all Elder Packer is saying is that we all have agency, the ability to choose, and if we follow God and Christ then we can overcome any temptation, sin, or disposition. We can do what our Heavenly Father wants of us only if we want to do it. He ends by saying that we believe what we believe and that we will not falter in those beliefs, no matter what. Basically, the truth of God is the truth God whether or not the world wants to hear it.

I don't want this to sound disrespectful or condescending in any way, because I know that I have disagreed with and been frustrated by things in the past that have been said at General Conference. I didn't like the things that were said because they were things I didn't want to hear. I soon realized that the purpose of listening to the Prophets of God speak wasn't to hear what I agreed with or what I wanted to hear but rather what I needed to hear, what I needed to hear in order to follow God's plan so that I could find happiness in this life and return to Him some day. I believe that these words of Elder Packer have created a stir not because they are "hateful" or from a "bigot" as some have said, but rather because the truth is hard for us to hear when it means we are wrong. It might be hard to hear things that go against our own thoughts and opinions, but it allows us to know God's will and therefore submit to His will by allowing us to choose His Path through the use of our agency. This is true love, to tell us the truth so we can return to God, even if it hurts our feelings.

In the end God loves us all, no matter who we are or what we do, and he wants all of us to be happy and return to Him. Therefore, he will always show us how to achieve that goal, even if it means telling us things that we don't want to hear. I know that God has called a Prophet and 12 Apostles to help lead and guide us towards our savior Jesus Christ. And I know that if we will trust in them, thereby trusting in God, and follow the Spirit, then we will be happy in this life and in the life to come.

So please calm down everyone. There is no hating going on here. Rather, the path towards God has just been illuminated a little better.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's just another miracle...nbd

I haven't blogged in like, forever, but this past weekend was amazing so I feel the need to share it with all of you.

1- I finally got over my 10 day sinus infection.
2- I finished my one and only midterm.
3- General Conference was fantastic. I really don't remember a conference in which I learned as much and felt the spirit as much as I did during this past one. Just a few highlights for me was seeing Bro. Kearon speak in the Priesthood session, listening to President Uchtodrf expound on pride, President Monson's thoughts on choices and gratitude, and Elder Packer's talk on agency and forgiveness. It was truly inspiring and I wish that I was able to feel that way every week after church.
4- The Atlanta Braves made the Playoffs! Now for those of you who aren't baseball fans you won't quite understand just how amazing this is, but if you know anything about me then you know that I have only a few obsessions in my life and that the Atlanta Braves are one of them. The only thing that makes it any better is the fact that they are playing the San Fransisco Giants in the first round, and I just so happen to live in the area...this could be one of the greatest blessings of my entire life
5- I'm in law school....oh wait, this was a list of good things...never mind.
6- I finished the first season of Modern Family. That show is a real gem, thank you Natalie for introducing me to its beautiful comedy.
7- I got to play badmitton (how in the h do you spell that?) with my nephews and I smoked 'em. Suckers didn't know what hit 'em.
8- I love you all Marta.
Bobby Cox deserves to win one more World Series title. He is one of the greatest managers of all time and it would be a true Christmas Miracle if in his last year he was able to win another World Series...I'm praying  for you Bobby!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I haven't seen you in awhile...

Over the past few weeks I've been able to experience a whole crap load of change.

And now that I have finished 3 days of orientation and a full week of law school I think it is an appropriate time to step back, sit down, and reflect (and also update y'all on my life.)

So I'm not gonna lie, it is pretty weird thinking that I live in California and am enrolled in law school...I just never thought this day that I have been talking about for years now has finally come. I was skeptical about law school and just how difficult it would be, but I feel like I've now got at least a feel for how it is going to be. Orientation was ridiculous and unnecessary, but I actually really enjoyed the first week of class. I've probably read more in my textbooks during this first week than I would do in an entire year at USU, but surprisingly I've enjoyed most of it. I have 5 classes (Criminal Law, Contracts, Civil Procedure, Tort Law, and Legal research/writing) and for the most part I have really enjoyed those as well. The professors are all very interesting and different, but so far seem to really know there stuff and have a desire for all of us to comprehend the material. The overall feel of the school has been great, it seems to focus more on being cooperative that competitive, and the campus is beautiful (that's a pic outside the law building). The other students in my class seem to be pretty cool, I've met about 40 of them (there are 270 or so in my class) and I see prospects for some good friendships to be made. I'm not really sure how I fit in, being the one Mormon kid in the school, but I'm excited to see what is in store.

While my experience here has largely been a wonderful experience this far, I'd be lying if I didn't say that the experience has been bitter-sweet. I love California, I love being within 30 minutes of the Pacific Ocean, and I love hanging out with my family. On the other hand I miss my girlfriend, my family, all of my friends, and the comfort of home a great deal.I've only been here for two weeks, but it feels like Ive been here for months. I'm only a 12 hours drive from Logan, but I feel like I'm a world apart. I feel settled and comfortable, yet scattered and unsure. But overall I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to be able to have this experience.

I know that this isn't going to be the easiest experience of my life, but I know that it has the potential to be one of the greatest. I just need to be brave enough to let it be that great, life enriching experience that it can be. I need to embrace every moment and just enjoy my life. I believe that if we allow ourselves to enjoy whatever comes our way in life that we can be happy and grow into our potential.

I am optimistic, curious, and excited to see where we will all end up. For the first time in a long time I am excited to see what the future has in store for me and my loved ones.

 Miss her.
Possums in Cali? Who knew?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Conundrum

I haven't written a lot as of late, but I would be lying if I said that I hadn't been doing a lot of thinking.

I've come to realize that we, and by 'we' I mean humans, often want contradictory things. Most people want consistency and security, yet at the same time most want change and freedom. We often want other people to make decisions for us, and simultaneously we want to be able to make our own decisions. To add to this we  often want what we cannot, or do not have and then when we do have it we no longer want it. I don't really understand this aspect of human nature, but I believe that it is linked to our carnal attributes of ungratefulness and selfishness. This aspect of human nature creates quite the conundrum, and sets us up for some very interesting and disappointing situations.

I believe that much of this could be bypassed if we remembered one piece of information:

"Every blessing ignored becomes a curse." - Paulo Cohelo, The Alchemist

Life is the greatest blessing of all, and if we ignore it and don't acknowledge it as the blessing it is then it becomes a curse. If we recognized all the blessings in our lives then we would be content with our situations and events in life and wouldn't always be seeking those things we don't have.

On a more personal note, I want change and progress in my own life, yet I am scared to death of that same change and progress and I kind of wish I could just stay in my comfort zone aka Logan. But I know that this change will be good for me and help me grow into a better, smarter, faster, handsomer, more desirable, funnier, nicer, warmer, more Jewish, and happier person. I just need to recognize all these opportunities as a blessing and I will be able to take full advantage of them is about change and mine is just about to get a big dose of it. I'm not gonna lie I am a little bit scared, but I can't wait to see what is in store for me.

I love you all Marta.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy time

I dig holes.

It might not sound like too much fun, but it's what I do to earn a living in the summer. It gives me a great farmers tan, keeps me out of trouble, and gives me a lot of time to think.

Lately (for the past few years) I've had the topic of perspective constantly on my mind. But due to a few conversations I've had with Natalie in recent weeks and the amount of time I've had to dig holes I've been thinking a lot about the correlation between happiness and our perspective of time. I have been thinking a lot about how people, in general, never seem to be content with the present. Instead, we are always either looking forward to something/time in the future or we are looking back into our past and trying to relive our memories. Planning for the future and reminiscing about old times aren't bad things, in fact I think they are both innevitable and necessary in life. But they both become a problem when they consume our lives and limit our ability to live in the present.
In life we are all searching for happiness and for some reason many of us get the idea in our heads that the grass is always greener on the other side, that right now might suck but in the future we will be happy, or that if we could return to our past we would be happy again. Those ideas might not always be wrong, the grass could be greener on the other side, we could be happy in the future, or we could be happy if we were reliving our pasts. The problem with all those scenarios and perspectives is that we have no control over them now. Tomorrow doesn't yet exist, the future is not set, the past is gone and we can't return. When we are constantly looking to the future or the past for our happiness we are in essence living in a time that does not exist. If our happiness is only found in the future or the past then it too does not exist and therefore we will never find the happiness we so desperately seek.

The only way to find happiness is in the present, it is the only time that exists. The present is our past and our future. What we do now determines what we did in the past and what we will do in the future. That is precisely why it is so important to enjoy the now, not later or the before. So enjoy today, make the best of the grass you are standing on, live where you are, not where you think you should be. If you do that you will be happy now, the grass will be greener now, the past will be full of happiness and in the future you will find what you make of today.

You're life will be happiness.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sometimes I fall in love

It seems like about once every 3 to 6 months I fall in love with a song and listen to it non-stop.

This is the song that I am in love with right now. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Phenom

Today I will rant a little bit about my favorite subject, Atlanta Braves baseball.

This year the Braves brought up a 20 year-old right fielder from AAA with the hopes that he would live up to his amazing potential as a baseball player and energize the entire team. There were many skeptics out there wondering whether or not that was a good move by the Braves. They wondered if he would be able to hold up under all the pressure and media coverage. Many believed he was too young and too inexperienced to handle it. Luckily for me, and all Braves fans out there, they seem to have been wrong.

 It may be too early to tell, but through the first 50 games (of 162) of the season he seems to be living up to the hype that has surrounded him since day one. Among NL-Leaders he is ranked 1st in SLG (.596), 1st in OPS (1.017), 3rd in RBI (38), 3rd in OBP (.421), 7th in 3B (3), 8th in HR (10), 11th in BB (29), and 16th in BA (.301).

If you don't follow baseball (you should) then you prob don't really understand what all those stats mean, but to put it simply, Jason Heyward is among the best baseball players offensively in the Major Leagues this year. I am glad to see him and the Braves (28 - 22) doing well this season, but I can't wait to see just how good Jason Heyward becomes in the future.
With that said, I love baseball!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You might call it a metamorphosis of sorts.

Pardon the french, but this has been a hell of a week (or two).

So let me give you a short synopsis of the fast week or so.
I finished my final finals at Utah State University on Wednesday at 3:45 in the pm. I finished my last semester with a whopping two B+'s, one A-, and a B. I worked at Cafe Sabor Thursday and worked my last two shifts after nearly 4 years of employment as a server there. I spent Friday packing and moving out of the hole that my landlord calls "a house" and moved into a much needed upgrade about 3 blocks away. I woke at 7:45 on Saturday and spent the day graduating with two diplomas, becoming best friends with Danny Glover, finishing moving, and partying with Nat and my family. To top it all off I recently decided to go to law school at Santa Clara in the fall so in a few short months I will be moving once again to the debt-ridden state of California.

It has been a very bitter sweet week, a week with a wide variety of emotions. I know that you're all thinking that manly men like myself don't have any emotions other than angry and immature, but I have at times felt excited, scared, happy, sad, frustrated, unworthy, proud, content, optimistic, anxious, stressed, worn-out, forgotten, loved, grateful, ordinary, and accomplished.

The future is bound to bring some heartache and pains, but I am excited to move onto the next stage in my life. I can't wait to see what the world has to offer and to grow thru whatever experiences it has in store. But I am also scared to have so much change, so much uncertainty in my life. The last 4 years of my life have been filled with certainty and constancy and I am sad to be leaving this town and University that I have come to know so well and love so much. I am sad to think of leaving the the many friends that I have made here and perhaps never seeing them again. If I could choose one word to describe how I felt I would put sad and excited together and make saxicted, ya I'm saxcited.

This may be a little premature since I still have one more glorious Summer to experience, but I just want to say to Logan, USU, my many friends, and my family that we've made a good run and that I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna miss ya. Seriously, I will shed a few tears over this.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's pretty much painless

I gots two items of business that happen to be interrelated and are of grave consequence:

One- I am finally graduating from USU after five years of skipping class and on my exams. It is weird to think about finally graduating since I began my college career at USU in the fall of 2003, almost 7 years ago and now it's all coming to an end...weird, huh?

Two- Mr. Danny Glover is the speaker at my graduation commencement. I think the University made a great decision in choosing the star of the Lethal Weapons saga, Predator, and Angels in the Outfield for the graduation commencement speaker. I can only think of two people I would rather receive council from as I go out into the world, those being Jack Bauer and Tupac Shakur of course. With that said I mean no disrespect to Mr. Glover and I am extremely excited to hear him expound the mysteries of the universe and the future to me and my colleagues.

Unfortunately not everyone is so keen on Mr. Glover. Apparently he is a friend to Hugo Chavez and is "out there" because he believes in global warming. I had no idea that my favorite black actor of all-time (besides Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, "Morphius", Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, Halle Berry, the guy from the All-State commercials, Tracy Morgan, Kenan & Kel, Denzel Washington, Bernie Mac, Don Cheadle, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, Vince Vaughn, Eminem, and Ice Cube) had such crazy ideas. Many people in Northern Utah are in an uproar over the USU's decision to have Mr. Glover, who is a "crazy", "liberal", "socialist", "communist", "nazi", "America-hater", and "non-conservative",  speak at USU. Some opponents of Mr. Glover believe he should be stripped of his US citizenship because he has different views and opposes many of the actions of the government which we all know is not allowed in the US and is considered treason and should result in his being hanged. Some people are so disturbed by Mr. Glover and his crazy ways that they now hate USU and will never donate a penny to the institution. Apparently the whomever the University chooses for it commencement speaker at graduation becomes the face of the institution and shows the true character of the institution.

I am honestly baffled at the very stringent opposition to Mr. Glover. I myself don't agree with many of the views of Mr. Glover, but what does it hurt to learn about different perspectives and ideas? In fact, I bet that he doesn't even talk about his political views, but rather talks about succeeding in life and making a difference in the world, you know, something that would make sense at a graduation speech. All those critics and haters of Mr. Glover also seem to always leave out the fact that he is a very active philanthropist and holds a key leadership position in UNICEF, not to mention his amazing acting skills. He might have some crazy ideas and disagree with the opinions of many Americans, but that that is what America is all about and it certainly doesn't make him a bad person.

People always seem to be scared of what they don't understand and things they are uncomfortable with. This insecurity and people's inability or lack of desire to understand other people and cultures often results in bigotry, hatred, and conflict. People need to lighten up and open up their minds to new ideas and perspectives it makes the world a better, happier, and more interesting place to be. I'm not saying anyone has to agree with another person's opinions or ideas (especially not Mr. Glover's), but what does it hurt to listen and try to understand something/someone a little better? doesn't hurt at all.

Watch this and then try hating's not possible.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bane of my existence

I have a problem and ironically enough it could even be termed a conundrum.

This is the conundrum: I like to sleep, in fact I need it. The problem is that I have a condition that doesn't let me sleep peacefully like I want.

The condition is called "sleep paralysis" but I prefer to call it the bane of my existence.

Sleep paralysis can happen at the onset of falling asleep (predormital paralysis) or upon waking up (postdormital paralysis). In both cases it is a time when the body has fallen asleep, or stays asleep, but the mind is conscious. Essentially, during sleep paralysis a person is conscious and often able to see, but is unable to move or speak. It's not very much fun to not be able to move, but to add to this already terrible situation, the paralysis is often accompanied by hallucinations. Unfortunately, these hallucinations aren't fun or exciting like gummy bears bouncing off the walls, or giant cookies dipping themselves in milk. Rather, the hallucinations are always hallucinations of imminent attack and death. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find your body paralyzed and then you see a man walking into your room with the intention of killing you. Or imagine a shapeless form of darkness entering your room and stopping at your bedside while it decides how to take your life. Or even imagine laying on your side and "feeling" the weight of someone on your back and a pillow being forced in your face as they try to smother you to death. I can't quite describe the feeling of death, I guess it's like a pit in or tightening of your stomach that makes you sick...essentially, the feeling of imminent death is frightening and sickening.

This has happened to me anywhere from once a week to once every other month since I was 17. For a long time these experiences had a drastic impact on my life and my ability to sleep. In fact, the first time it occurred I thought it must have been the devil trying to posses me and I struggled to sleep every night for a week. I didn't dare tell anyone about my experiences for over a year, and after a few years of these experiences I finally learned that the devil wasn't trying to control me and that I wasn't crazy, but rather that I had a condition that plagues almost 3 out of every 10 people in the US. So I write about this to let everyone know that if you have had or do have a similar experience that it isn't a serious condition, and it most definitely isn't the devil trying to steal your soul. That doesn't really make the experiences any easier to deal with while they are occurring, but it sure helps you to be able to go back to sleep.

...sweet dreams ya'll.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

La Familia Delgado-Ruiz

I just had the first and most likely the last legit spring break of my life...and I loved it!
I spent 2 days in Phoenix, 5 days in Mexico, and 9 days with my best friends.
Here's a few things that highlighted the trip.

-First time out of the country...amazing.
-The beach.
-The pool.
-The beach.
-The hot tub.
-Heckling Alfonso Soriano and the Cubs while getting dirty looks from Cubs fans nearby.
-Safe hands.
-Literally flying thru Mexico and Arizona on the way home. Props to Jose.
-Trains on the slide at the pool were out of control fun.
-Stolen car and assault.
-Run-in with the Mexican police.
-The hot Mexican sun.
-Volleyball on the beach.
-Late night walks on the beach.
-My new familia, Delgado-Ruiz.
-No cell, watch, internet, or tv.
-Henna tattoos.
-Carne Azada for pretty much every meal.
-Best friends.
-Beautiful girl.

It was a great trip. I want to go back right now. Here are a few pics just to give you an idea of how wonderful it was...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Someone great

"Someone Great" by LCD Soundsystem

I've loved this song since I heard it over a year ago, but recently it has been slaying me.

Check it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Contingency Plan

The world is becoming a scary place these days and I am becoming increasingly concerned with my own safety and the safety of my loved ones. Everyday I hear about more wars, rumor of wars, murder, rape, inhumane acts, and vicious crimes. So this past week I was pondering upon what I need to do to prepare myself and my friends for what is to come and realized that I might have some holes in my defenses.

Sure I might be prepared to protect myself from murderers, rapists, wars, and acts of animal cruelty, but am I really ready for anything?

Luckily I have Hollywood. Movies have prepared me a contingency plan for almost any terrible, world ending situation. Like what to do if all the semi-trucks and lawn mowers in the world become possessed and try to kill all mankind, or what I should do if the earth is about to take a direct hit from a giant meteor, or even what to do if gremlins try to take over my neighborhood. Essentially, Hollywood has been preparing us for the end of the world for years, we just haven't been paying close enough attention.

But being the rational man that I am I realized that there is only one world ending situation we can and should be worried about:
A zombie outbreak.

Since realizing the seriousness of this future problem I have devoted serious thought and hours of planning in order to prepare myself for a zombie outbreak and this is what I have come up with. 

My plan is simple and consists of 7 steps:
1- Acquire shotgun and loads of ammunition (for defense).
2- Stock up on beef jerky, peanut butter, and water filters (for eating and stuff).
3- Stock up on winter clothing and have it ready to go at any moment (for warmth).
4- Own a truck with plenty of gas cans (for transportation).
5- Have all of it ready to go as soon as zombie outbreak occurs (for quick escape).
6- Drive north into Alaska or Canada where it's too cold for zombies and their coagulated blood to function (for safety).
7- Enjoy hunting/fishing/sledding/living in peace until the end of your days (for happiness).

Mind you, this isn't the only plan, and maybe not even the best plan, but it is a plan and that's better than nothing. For this reason I urge all of you to honestly consider the threat of a zombie outbreak and write up a legitimate contingency plan. Also, if you have your own zombie contingency plan or advice/revisions to my plan I would ask that you please share so that we can all share in a safer, happier, and zombie-less future.

I'm ready for a zombie outbreak, are you?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You can't fool me, faker.

It's student government election time at USU.

It's also a time I generally dislike.

I really have nothing against the elections themselves. I don't mind the weird shirts/bandannas/stickers/patches/tattoos/costumes/boondoggles, or the signs/posters, or the coupons for free/discounted stuff.

The thing that irks me about student elections is the all fakeness.

A week ago I could have been bleeding-out in the halls of the TSC and some of the people running for office probably would have just walked on by, not caring about me one little bit. But this week they are running for an office that pays pretty darn good (for college students) and it all depends on how many people they can get to vote for them. So today those same people who would've let me bleed to death in the TSC are my best friends and are "sincerely" concerned about me and my life. They want to know how school/work is, how the lady situation is, if I have any concerns/complaints about the University, they're even "concerned" with how my terminally ill hamster is doing. I don't even have a terminally ill hamster...idiots. They can try to act like real people, but underneath their thin skin of "care" and "concern" I can see that they are really just uncaring/money hungry robots of fakeness.

Granted, I have quite a few friends running for various positions and I wish them the best of luck in the elections. But that still doesn't change my feelings for the whole election process. I don't like how it makes people fake and I don't like how people think that I'm suddenly their best friend.. .it's annoying. I won't ever trust you fake peoples, I'm not about to get fooled like Willy did in "I am Legend"...mostly because I don't want to get killed by zombies, but also mostly because I don't want to have to kill my best/only friend. So please don't be fake with me cause it won't work, I'm real.

Fred fooled Will. Don't expect to be so lucky with me fakers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A tribute

My Mother turned (censored) this year and for her birthday she got her first real cell phone.

She chose (actually, it was most likely my electronic savvy Father who chose for her) an iPhone. I laughed at first when she showed it to me and said, "Look Brett, I finally got a cell phone." I couldn't believe that my technology resistant Mom was finally going the way of the world by owning a cell phone.

To understand my awe and disbelief you need understand the relationship my Mom and technology have. My mom might say that she knows how to use technology just fine, but that is a lie. For example, about 15 years back my Mom couldn't figure out how to turn the computer on and had to as my 3 year-old sister to do it for her. To this day my Mom struggles with simple technology like e-mail, cell phones, wireless internet, television recordings, GPS devices, and surface to air missile systems; yet she somehow is able to stay connected with the world and her loved ones.

The amount of knowledge my Mom has concerning electronics and technology is laughable, but I give her props for taking a step of faith into the world of cellular devices. I had the opportunity of teaching my Mom to text, to make and receive calls, and the wonders of You Tube. It was a great birthday and now I enjoy having deep and intellectual text conversations with my is great.

My Mom is the best, she is a saint, and I love her.

I know you probably won't read this Mom, but I love you and I'm proud of you for finally being all growed up!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thinkings and Ponderings

Do you want to know more about the world?
Do you consider mullets to be a legitimate haircut or just plain awesome? 
Are you sick of reading "news" in the Statesman and local opinion newspapers?
Do you ever stay awake at night worrying about global warming and how we can make it warmer?
Do you wonder why penguins look so funny when they walk?
Would you like to get some new fresh insights into different events around the globe?
Do you like cool shiz?

If you answered yes to all or one or none of these questions then I suggest you check out my new blog titled "Inform This!" It will be a weekly or bi-weekly blog covering different world events, both current and past, that have worldwide importance.

I am pretty sure you should check it out if you want to get it is.
That's your empty brain he is sweeping up. Get to my new blog soon and often so your brain isn't empty.

My obsession

I realized that spring training is right around the corner and a spark of excitement shot into my heart. I love baseball. I love to play baseball. I love to watch baseball. I love to read about baseball. I love to think about baseball. I LOVE baseball. Along with new socks and steak dinners it is one of the few passions I have in this thing we call life.

Some people say I am weird. Others say I am obsessed. They give me weird looks of disgust and wonder.

I say so what? I'm obsessed with baseball. Ger over it. It's too sophisticated for you to understand...I love baseball and I don't care who knows it!

In particular, I am obsessed with the Atlanta Braves. They have been my team since my conception and I will never stray from the path.I am pretty sure they will be pretty darn good this year and I have high hopes for their chances of making the playoffs...oh that would be grand.

Best part is that I am going to be able to see one or two spring training games in Phoenix during spring idea that I have ever had or heard, I cannot freaking wait!

This is gonna be a great year for me and baseball. I can feel it in my bones.

PS- if you can name each Braves player in these photos I will be your friend forever.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I guess I'm grateful...sort of.

I've heard a few time that trials and tribulation make us grow and help us to develop skills and abilities that otherwise we might not have developed. This has never more sense to me than it did a few evenings ago after a friend of mine told me I give the best back massages in the world.

It made me think about how I gained that special ability. It brought me back to my younger years. The year two-thousand and three. It brought me back to a time of immense joy, but also a time of extreme trial.

The summer after I graduated (7 years ago) I moved to Gilroy, California to live with my bro Clint and his family for the summer. It was a very memorable summer, I have some great memories of hanging out with the boyz, board games, baseball, building a patio/walkway, the beach, and just having a grand old time.

But it also includes some memories that are equally as memorable, but for less enjoyable reasons. My bro is a physical therapist and he was able to set me up with a pretty sweet job as an aide at his clinic. I had no prior experience, but I got a lot of on the job training and quickly learned the ropes. For the most I really enjoyed my job, it was a pretty low stress, I met a lot of random people, I worked with my bro, and I learned a lot about a lot of things.

Unfortunately tho, my job wasn't all fun and games. I can't tell you how many times patients came in and I would be the one that had to give them a "lower back" massage or what I have like to call the "upper butt massage." Now that wouldn't be too bad if the majority of patients in a physical therapy office were young and attractive girls, but that is not the reality. In fact, the exact opposite is true, the majority of patients are old and overweight.

I want you to imagine giving a lower-back/upper-butt massage to a 300 pound man/woman in his/her 50's or 60's. Now close your eyes and imagine that person laying face down on the table with their shirt off and their rear-end exposed... don't think about it too long tho, cause I just threw up a little bit in my mouth doing that exact exercise. Now try and imagine yourself giving that person a massage. It's not a fun thing to imagine is it. You also need to take into account that these ain't no sissy "feel-good" massages, these are intense, deep-tissue massages. Meaning, that I often worked up a little bit of a sweat in order to be able to work the muscles under the layers of fat in order to do my job correctly. Now imagine giving 5 or 6 of those massages a day, 5 days a week

Luckily, this terrible time in my life brought some positive consequences into my life. I am now a very skillful and talented I guess I'm grateful for all those fat and old people with "lower back" problems. Your pain and my trial have come together to create in me a very useful skill. And for that, I thank you.

Moral of the story: Make lemonade out of life and enjoy it.
Thanks Clint, Kadie, and Boyz for everything you've done for me. Ya'll are a great example to me and how I want/need to live my life. I love you all a great deal.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Harry Potter, you're a wizard!

As many of you might know, I have been planning for about the past year on attending law school in the fall of 2010. Thus far I have been accepted to 2 schools (Seton Hall, DePaul) and rejected by 1 (George Mason). That leaves 7 schools I have yet to hear from.

During this waiting period I have been somewhat nervous concerning my acceptance to law school, that was until yesterday when I received a very unexpected and life changing letter in the mail. I retrieved the mail in the early afternoon to find this gem waiting patiently for me in the mailbox.

I couldn't believe it. I had just received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In fact I didn't believe it. I thought for sure it was a hoax or some kind of sick joke. Due to my extensive knowledge concerning the Harry Potter books and movies I was able to subject the envelope and its contents to a very close inspection and perform testing in order to deduct that the envelope and the letter it contained were indeed legitimate.
I have been accepted to one of the world's greatest educational establishments. It truly is a Christmas miracle for this to have happened to me and I am still a little shocked and disbelieving when I think about it. Every time I doubt the validity of it all I just pull out the letter and all my doubts and fears are silenced. This is the real deal. This is legit.

Forget about being a lawyer and learning to sue people, I'm going to be a freaking wizard and learn to cast a confundus charm on your face and fend off dementors with my sweet patronus (which will be a great-horned owl of course). It will be a great, life changing experience and I cannot wait to further my secondary education in the realm of witchcraft and wizardry.

To all you who might be against my attendance at Hogwarts or against witchcraft and wizardry in general, I am sorry and I hope it does not destroy or ruin our relationship in anyway, but I need to fulfill my destiny and it now lies at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I can't wait to hook up with Hermione...HOGWARTS FALL 2010 chubbies!
Thanks girls, you are great. That letter made my day/week/month/year.

PS- I made that shirt myself. It is inspired by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm not rude, I'm just really funny.

As most of you all know, I am generally a pretty chill, quiet, mellow, and reverent person in demeanor...but there are times at which I am a little out of control. Last Sunday was one of those days.

During Sacrament meeting there was a girl sitting in front of me that sparked a conversation on paper between myself and Michelle. It was written in my notebook that I carry with my scriptures and I read it today and it made me laugh. It's a bit rude and inconsiderate, but here it is nonetheless...don't judge me to harshly, I just like to laugh a lot.

Brett: That chick is pastey white, like freaking albino pastey.
Michelle: Some people don't fake bake. Don't hate.
B: Some people would be a fried chicken if they did, like whitey albino in front of us.
B: Are you a little sensitive about the subject?
M: I've spent the majority of my life being 65% albino.
B: True that. Double True.
M: Sunburns are overrated.
B: ...what does that even mean?
M: I have no answer.
B: I win.
M: False.
B: She is borderline see-through.
M: I can no longer come to church with you. I can't concentrate with this nonsense.
B: See ya later.
B: I'd say she's almost blue she's so see-through...her hair is even albino.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's what I call it

I've gotten into painting lately and I've been loving it.
This is the second painting I have done in the last month, which is about 200 percent more paintings than I have done in the past 6 feels great.

It the second piece in the series of artwork I like to "The R.L.s Series."
Hope you think it's as awesome as I think it is.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You need to calm down

I decided recently that girls make no sense (again).


I was walking thru the TSC on campus, just minding my own dang business, when a girl shouted with joy and jumped up in the air several times while she held a letter she had just retrieved from the mail box over her head.  I kept walking, but I watched her and her friend closely so I could find out what was awesome enough to make this girl literally shake out of excitement and joy. Being the rational, clear-headed man that I am, I assumed the girl must have won 10,000 bucks or something equally cool like a new car or a trip to Europe. So imagine my surprise (and disgust) when I heard her say that it was a letter from a missionary...ya, it continues to blow my mind. This girl was about to have a seizure/panic attack/near death experience over one letter from a boy on a mission. I couldn't believe it and I stared at the girl in awe and wonder as I walked past. I couldn't/cannot figure out why this girl was so excited to receive a letter, it makes absolutely no sense to me.

But I guess I'm not really all that surprised by it tho since I don't understand much about the female race.
In fact, there are only a handful of things I do understand about girls:
-they cost a lot of money.
-they don't shower as often as I do.
-it's always that time of the month.
-they are fun to tease.
-they smell nice or at least they should.
-i like them.

Moral of the story:

Girls are dramatic, crazy, emotional, and irrational. I can hope that they will grow up, calm down, and become rational, but that would require me to live in a perfect/fantasy world. Instead, I'll choose to be realistic and just accept the fact that they will always be crazy and that I will always need/want them in my life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It has to be true.

I had the opportunity to watch the Joseph Smith movie that is published by the church this past week and it was amazing. I shed two tears.

I just feel the need to declare my knowledge that Joseph Smith did indeed see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, and they did in reality speak to him. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God, and that he was the servant Christ used to restore His gospel and His church back to the earth. Christ lives and loves us. We can find joy, happiness, and life eternal if we but choose Him. It is up to us, we have the power to choose, to choose life or death, happiness or misery, Christ or the devil, Heaven or hell. Let us waste no more time. Let us become the people God intended us to be. Let us choose now whom we will follow, whom we will serve.

I know this is true. It must be true. It has to be true, I am living my whole life upon that precept.

Monday, January 18, 2010

un-real un-derstanding

Life has its ups and downs.
Right now might be a down,
But it might be an up.
I don't know.
I don't really want to talk about it.
The words stick in my throat,
They don't want me to let them free,
They want to suffocate me.
Yet they want to escape.
They want to breathe.
It doesn't make sense,
But what does?
Gravity? Nope.
Girls? False.
The World? Strike three.
I don't understand.
I can't understand.
I want to understand.
I need to understand.
Is that so much to ask?
Is that too unrealistic?
Yet. I will understand.
I must understand.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I need more monies

I just spent about 400 bucks this last week.
I call it an investment in my future.
Or at least that's what I make myself call it so I sleep better at night when I think about those monies I no longer have.
Those 400 precious dollars were spent applying to law schools across the country.

Consisting of [School - Location (Ranking)]:
Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ (55)
Brigham Young University - Provo, UT (41)
DePaul University - Chicago, IL (87)
University of Florida - Gainesville, FL (51)
George Mason University - Washington DC (41)
George Washington University - Washington DC (28)
Lewis & Clark College - Eugene, OR (61)
Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA (85)
Seton Hall University -South Orange, NJ (77)
University of Utah - Salt Lake, UT (45)

I won't know to which schools I am accepted until April/May. Now let's just use out imaginations and say that a miracle occurs (it will take a miracle) and I am accepted to all 10 of the schools to which I applied.
If that happens to be the case, then I don't really know where I should go and I need your help in deciding.
So, to which school do you propose I gain an education of law?
All ideas/thoughts/perspectives/opinions/answers/solutions are wanted/needed/hoped for/accepted.
I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna miss ya.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Global whating?

So i keep hearing about this global warming stuff, and how the globe is getting warmer, but it looks to me like we need to find ways to keep it warmer.

Read this.

And this.

Global warming does seem to be a growing problem as the globe gets colder and colder...I think George Bush was right when he said we need to worry about the warming of the globe and how to get it warmer.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Go Ducks!

I had one of the greatest trips of my life this past weekend.
Let me tell you about it in the form of a bulleted list....if you don't mind.

-spent over 20 hours in a car laughing with 3 funny sons o' chubbies.
-watched crazies on the strip in Vegas.
-watched Naterob kiss a black chick and the 35 year old, 300 lb. sun.
-got a new years kiss.
-"Go Ducks!" -drunk dude on strip.
-stayed up past 4 in the morning 5 nights in a row.
-wore short sleeve shirts in the 50 degree weather of St. George for 3 days and in the 70 degree weather of Phoenix for a day.
-went 2 for 2 on knocking down chairs and 1 for 2 on catching shrimp in my mouth when I fell on the floor in the sushi grill in front of my peers.
-had in-n-out.
-bought 4 air soft-guns and had a blast shooting each other (easily the best purchase we made the entire trip).
-one good late night/early morning chat.
-the envelope game.
-killer pong.
-losing at mini golf and taking 10 air-soft gun shots to the back.
-"Put the gun down!" -Naterob
-BSU 17, TCU 10.
-best part of the trip? Spending a weekend with 3 of my best friends and the coolest group of girls I've known. Ever.

Easily the best road trip I have been on to date. I just hope I can go on more before I become a real adult.