Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Rationale

School started last week. I'm in my second year of law school and I've now been a California resident for over a year now. It's kind of weird.

So the rational thing to do 2 days after school starts would be to go on a free trip to San Diego with your borther and his family, right?


Well, that's what I did and I loved it.

The highlights of the trip were documented via hipster photos and are as followed:



It was a great trip. A great way to extend the summer, procrastinate my studies, and spend some good quality time with my brother and his family. The only bad part being that I had to return to the real world and start reading law books again...I love my life!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Failure

As many of you might know, I had one goal for the last 2 weeks of this summer: to watch all 6 seasons of Lost.

I knew it was an ambitious goal, and there were many doubters and naysayers from day one, but I figured if I was gonna make a goal I might as well shoot for the stars. So I did, and I truly believed that my abilities to watch a crap-load of tv would allow me to accomplish this extremely ambitious goal.

I started off hot, even exceeding expectations by watching 60 of 120 episodes after 6 days, which gave me hope that I truly could do it. But now that there is only 1 day left before school starts I have only watched 90 of 120 and I have to admit to myself and to all my numerous supporters that I am not going to complete my only real summer goal. It hurts to fail. It is a little bit painful because I am letting myself down, but letting all of you down is what really hurts. Knowing that I am failing my friends, family, ancestors, and posterity makes my heart hurt and brings me much shame.

I feel kind of like this right now.

So to all of you out there counting on me, I am sorry. Now you know that I am not perfect and that even I can make a mistake from time to time. But I promise that I will finish Lost in the near future, and that I will do my best to complete all of my future goals so as to not let you or myself down ever again.

I love myself and I hate myself.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm on a Broat!

This past weekend I went to lake Shasta with about 30 cool kids from the bay area, of which I knew about 8, and spent 3 days basking in the sun on the top of a houseboat. Needless to say, it was the best boating trip of my life.

Here are just a few of the highlights:
 The weather was perfect, the water was warmer than a heated pool, and the scenery was beautiful.
 Jumping off the houseboats became a regular activity and source of great joy and entertainment.
'Nade pong had some inappropriate distractions and ended in a fluke victory by the girls.
 One good weekend with some good bros on broat 92.
 Flip cup domination by the team on the left of course.
 Truth or dare got a little out of control...
Henna Tattoos were super hipster and as you can tell I love irony
This is the whole Shasta crew.

While I didn't know many people going into the trip, and most of those I did know were recent acquaintances, I made a lot of new friends and became better friends with those I didn't know that well on the trip. It was a fantastic weekend and a part of the reason that I am loving my life in California more and more everyday.  

Also,just a quick thanks to all the girls for the food and the pictures. I don't know how I would eat or document while on vacation if it weren't for girls...